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Crowning The Gravelly Hill... Part 11

Part eleven of the series...

Residence of Harry Billington Rosston - 318 Woodlawn Road

Designed by W.L. Price of Philadelphia and built by the Roland Park Company between 1893 and May 1896.

The views show a design appropriate to its surroundings, the broad treatment of the roof and gable ends being the principal features of the design. There is a wide, well shaded porch, with square columns on stone piers, supporting the high hipped and overhanging gable roofs. The foundation and a portion of the first story, as well as the main chimney of rock-faced local stone, laid with joints well broken and with good color effect. The other chimneys of is brick, and stone capped. All exterior framework is sheathed, covered with building paper, shingled, and originally stained deep red. The roof was originally similarly treated. Dimensions: Front, 31'3", exclusive of bay; side, 62'7", not including porch projections. Heights: Cellar, 7'6"; first story, 9'; second, 8'6"; attic, 7'6".

The reception hall, running full width of the house and finished in red oak, has a wide arched opening, forming a separating feature from the staircase portion, with the fireplace centered, and faced with tiles, a mantel over.

Reception Hall looking into the Parlor ahead and Reception room to right 2015

There is wide staircase of easy rise, with turned balusters and plain square newel, and a leaded landing window. The walls were originally papered.

The parlor also has a tiled (angle) fireplace, with a mantel of neat design above, and connects by pocket doors.

 Parlor 2015

Dining room, finished natural, has double sliding door opening, bay full width, and connects with kitchen, containing usual fixtures, through pantry, provided with dressers, sink, etc.

Dining Room 2015
Kitchen 2015
The laundry in rear has three wash trays. The second floor is divided into four chambers, the connecting one intended for a dressing room, and a bathroom with the plumbing exposed and with approved fixtures.

Principal Chamber over parlor 2015
Bedroom over kitchen 2015
Bedroom over kitchen 2015
Bathroom 2015

There is a large linen closet, provided with shelves, etc. The attic has a servant's rooms and storage space. The cellar is cemented, and is provided with heating apparatus, fuel storage space, etc.

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