Friday, June 24, 2016

Crowning The Gravelly Hill... Part 10

Part ten of the series...

Country House of John W. McPherson, Esq. - 415 Hawthorne Road

Designed by Wyatt & Nolting of Baltimore and built between 1893 and May 1896.

McPherson was one of the original members of the Baltimore Country Club.

This country house represents a Colonial residence, embracing both symmetry of design and convenience of arrangement. The piazza is cozily sheltered and of inviting appearance, with Tuscan columns and pilaster at shingled jambs. The bay at side gives ease to and relieves the severity of roof lines. Shingles on roof were originally weathered, and on the side originally stained snuff brown. The trimmings were originally of cream color, contrasted by dark green shutters. The chimney is of red brick, with bluestone coping. Dimensions: Front, exclusive of bay, 30'2"; side, 51'4". Heights: Cellar, 8'6"; first story, 10'3"; second, 9'7"; attic, 7'6". On the first floor we have an attractive reception hall, paneled in cypress. The staircase has spindle balusters reaching to the under side of a flat arch adorning the ceiling. The angle fireplace is paneled. The back stairs are conveniently connecting with the main staircase at the landing. The library contains an angular fireplace, with a marble mantel supported by two brackets. The dining room was originally in white, with an ornamental frieze, ans also contains a cheerful fireplace of neat design. The kitchen and pantry are each provided with a dresser with drawers under shelves. In attic there is one large bedroom, a servant's bedroom, and convenient storage accommodations.

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