Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crowning The Gravelly Hill... Part 9

Part nine of the series...

Cottage of James F. Leib, Esq. - 502 Woodlawn Road

Designed by the owner James F. Leib of Baltimore and built between June 1893 and May 1896.

On June 23, 1893 Leib purchased this lot for $1500 from the Roland Park Company.

He was one of the original members of the Baltimore Country Club and an 1890 graduate of the Mechanical Division of the  Maryland Institute College of Art.

The views show a front piazza, with four stone piers to the height of rail, forming base for square columns supporting the overhanging gable roof, which is relieved by the wide, hipped-roof dormers in front and rear. The foundation and piers are of local stone. The structure above is sheathed, papered, clapboarded, and was originally painted yellow at  the first story. The gable is shingled and was originally stained brown. The roof was also originally shingled, and left to weather. The chimneys are of brick, and capped with stone. Dimensions: Front, 29', exclusive of entrance porch; side, 40', including piazza. Height: Cellar, 6'6"; first story, 9'; second, 8'6"; attic, 7'. The entrance porch is at the side, with the door opening on the hall, in white pine,  and grained oak. The staircase has wide newels, with paneled faces and a flat cap. The turned balusters are on a straight string. A pocket door opens on the music room, in pine, was painted white, with an angle fireplace, faced with light gray mottled tiles. The mantel, also painted, has an ornamental top and beveled mirror. The library connects by pocket doors. It has a similar fireplace, with tiles of light mottled brown, and mantel above, and is backed with a mirror. This room also has a glazed door to front piazza, and really serves purpose of reception hall or living room. The dining room has a fireplace, also tiled. The upper mantelshelf is supported by two long fluted columns. Two shorter ones support the side shelves. A beveled mirror is at the head. A passage, with a pantry at the side, leads to the kitchen. A wide, circular arch, with a large, central electric light globe, forms an interesting feature in the second floor hall. This floor is divided off into four chambers of good size, two with alcoves (circular plaster arches), and all with large closets. There is also a bathroom, wainscoted in yellow pine, natural. All the plumbing being exposed and nickel-plated, a tub of enameled iron, and a basin of marble. All of these were of the best make. There are two rooms in attic. The house is trimmed throughout in white pine, grained or painted, lighted by electricity and gas, heated by hot air and cost complete $3500; The cellar is cemented, and contains the heater, fuel storage, etc.

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