Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beginning the Year with Something Tried and True

When I began this blog a year ago, I started with a post about the Smythson Panama Diary. I've been using one for the past year. And a few weeks ago I placed an order for another. Why? Well, once you've used a Smythson Panama Diary, the reasons are obvious.


I'm a fan of pen and ink, and with the variety of electronic organizers, it's nice to be able to quickly pencil, or in my case to pen ,something in my pocket diary.

Today, we have so many different ways to plan our schedules with electronic devices. But unlike so many modern organizers, nothing comes close to the compact size, light weight and elegant appearance as the Panama Diary. With its grained lambskin cover, it is durable, flexible and floppy, capable of being rolled up and squashed without damaging it at all.

The paper within is half the thickness and weight of normal paper. And there really is no paper like it. It was designed to handle the ink of a fountain pen and it does without fail or hesitation.
It's compact size, which easily fits in a suit coat pocket or even the hip pocket of a pair of trousers, is virtually unnoticeable. You can carry it anywhere conveniently. And unlike modern electronic organizers, it won't break if you drop it or need to be charged to be ready at a moments notice.

While I personally have not tired it, Smythson also makes a smaller version of the Panama Diary with a miniature pencil , small enough to fit in a ladies handbag, a specialty they have been making since 1924.

So as we say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013, one thing will remain the same. I will continue to keep track of the days ahead using which for year was, remains to me, the height of style and sophistication, the Smythson Panama Diary.

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