Monday, December 12, 2016

The Christmas Revels...

There is no doubt that there is some Christmas album out there for everyone and every taste. Some are classics, some are trendy, and some are downright awful... and some are magnificent...

Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1971, the Revels are now in nine additional cities, all producing The Christmas Revels, in addition to other programs.

The original performance was recorded and is now available on CD. This was the original medieval Christmas Revels which started this 40+ year tradition. Stereo Review called it "The best Christmas record I can think of..." The Washington Post said it was "A simple, revealing album that will last through many winters." And The Boston Phoenix called it "A joyous reminder of what the season is all about."

It might not be for everyone, but I find peace in the music in a season obscured by commercialism and a frantic pace from which we could all use and enjoy an escape. So take time out this Christmas season and relax for a bit while enjoying this holiday classic.

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