Monday, October 13, 2014

These Aren't Your Average Beans...

The are some things in this world that get little if any mention at all. We take them for granted or ignore them entirely. Beans are one of those things. Perhaps it is one too many experiences with the unremarkable which cause us to look at them as unmentionable. But when they are done right, they can be really tasty and one of the comfort foods which keep us warm on a dreary day.

Heinz were first produced in 1901, and continued production in America until 1928. In the UK however, they became and remain an iconic British staple, part due to the fact that between 1941 and 1948 the Ministry of Food classified beans as essential in the rationing system.

I haven't tried the original myself, but when I saw a can of Heinz Curry Beanz for sale, I was more than a little curious. They are the original beans with the addition of curry.

So on a rainy Sunday, which rummaging about in the pantry for something to eat for lunch, I decided it was the time to try these curry beans.

This was a very pleasant surprise. And indeed the prefect treat for a chilly rainy day. I'd never have suspect the flavour combinations would have worked, but there I was enjoying a rather exotic flavour combination for American palates.

So if you happen to come across a tin, give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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